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John Pullum Motivational Speaker Mentalist Corporate Entertainment

It’s no secret that planning a sales conference or other corporate event is usually very stressful for everyone involved. As an event / meeting planner your greatest fear is to book a motivational speaker, keynote speaker or entertainer that will bore, disappoint or offend your participants. No need to worry about that with John Pullum. John’s presentations are 100% clean and involve your entire audience. Do you need someone to entertain your guests? Do you need someone to entertain and motivate your guests at the same time? Are you having a company party, sales meeting, trade show, awards banquet, association function, private party or other event? John offers both corporate entertainment with or without motivation added. John’s motivational keynote speeches will inspire your guests while leaving them laughing. If you just want your guests to have fun or have fun and get motivated at the same time, John Pullum is the one you need for your event. It’s like getting a motivational speaker, keynote speaker and corporate entertainer / mentalist / mind reader all rolled into one!

TV Host John Pullum - Funny Television HostYou know John from his numerous television appearances. John was the TV host of the Discovery Channel series “More Than Human”, the hypnosis / mind control expert for “Unsolved History“, the psychic expert for the “More Science of Magic“, game show host for “Thrill Rides: Put To The Test“, host of the series “Cheating Death“, as well as appearing on other national and international TV shows.

John Pullum’s clients include: 3M, Ford Motor Company, Prudential Financial, University of Notre Dame, Morgan Stanley, Hitachi, Nestle, Kobe Steel, SDI Technologies, Shell Oil Company, Association of Directory Publishers, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Origen Financial, Bosch, Carrier, Flagstar Bancorp, Mariner Health Care, MTV and many more. audience participation show team building

John combines just the right blend of motivation and corporate entertainment to keep your audience laughing and entertained as he motivates them at the same time.

John Pullum Motivational Speaker For Sales Meeting

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